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Over the years, the wharf has changed ownership many times but has always continued operations  sustaining mariners from local coastal waters as well as abroad.

circa 1920

The wharf's current bait house, once used to house granite workers on Dix Island, was relocated to Owls Head and is used to store bait and supplies today.

Since its early beginning, the wharf has had its share of natural and economic disasters. During its long history the wharf has been rebuilt, enlarged and refurbished to meet the demands of an ever changing seafood business, as well as weathering and storm damage by the sea.

The current owners, Rodney and Anna Mason  acquired the wharf in 2008.  Since then, they've focused their efforts on completing renovations of the wharf buildings, updating equipment, and maintenance of the wharf and floats to improve overall service to mariners, the local community and visitors

Picture Courtesy of MRHS

Picture Courtesy of MRHS

Picture Courtesy of MRHS

Picture Courtesy of “The Coastal Town of Owls Head Maine”
by Edward Wayman Coffin

Ship to Shore Lobster Company - The Oldest Working Wharf in Owls Head, Maine

History of the Wharf

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